Unleash Creative Funding Opportunities

Help non-profit organizations tap into innovative sources of funding and other resources (without that money coming out of your pocket)

Getting more funding to the non-profit organizations working to address the crisis of addiction doesn’t just mean giving them your money or holding some type of fund-raiser. Often time, the biggest impact you can have is to connect the non-profit organizations you want to support with sources of money (or other resources) that they had not thought about. A small action by you can lead to large streams of money flowing to the non-profit organization for years to come!

Actions You Can Take

Introduce Local businesses to The Give Back Program (credit card processing referrals)

In order for a business to accept credit card payments, they must have a credit card processing program. These companies charge fees for processing credit cards, and it is a very competitive business. For this action, you introduce a business owner to The Give Back Program, and the business will receive a free, no-obligation analysis of their current credit card processing expense. In most cases, the business will qualify for a new program that will reduce their credit card processing by 20% or more. On top of that, the business owner can pick a non-profit organization, and that organization will receive a monthly donation for as long as that business continues to use the credit card processor.
Each time a person takes this simple action, they can start a steady monthly flow of dollars to the non-profit that can go on for years. Even for a relatively small business, this can amount to thousands of dollars every year. Imagine if many business in your community made this choice!

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If you are going to buy or sell your home, use Realty4Recovery to find a well-qualified Realtor®

Realty4Recovery is a non-profit organization that matches you with a Realtor® who is an excellent fit for your situation and then collects a donation based on the referral fee paid by the broker/agent that receives the referral. Realtry4Recovery then makes a donation of 50% of the referral fee to a non-profit organization selected by the buyer or seller. In addition, much of the remaining money that Realty4Recovery receives given out in grants to support high-impact strategies and to provide financial aid to people needing support for getting treatment.
Each person who takes this action will not only benefit from being connected with an excellent Realtor®, their action will result in a significant donation (usually well over $1,000) to a non-profit organization that is addressing some aspect of substance abuse prevention, treatment or recovery.

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Introduce a non-profit organization to how Realty4Recovery can be an important part of their fundraising strategy.

Even if you are not personally going to be buying or selling a home, you can introduce the Realty4Recovery model to a non-profit that you’d like to support. With the tools available for a non-profit organization to spread the word on Realty4Recovery, they can connect with large numbers of people who might be looking for a good Realtor®. Once the word spreads about how easy and beneficial it is to support the non-profit in this way, this can be a funding stream that brings in large amounts of flexible donations year after year.

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Introduce the local opioid coalition and Medicaid Managed Care Providers

It doesn’t take long to find out the organizations that manage the Medicaid program in your region and then find the person in that organization who would be most interested in reducing opioid addiction and improving recovery.   Then, find the person in your local opioid or substance abuse coalitions and talk to them about some practical, high-impact things that the organizations managing the Medicaid program might fund.  If it is a modest amount, those organizations might be able to write a check without any complicated process.

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