Community Discussions

Attend or host discussion groups on topics related to the substance abuse prevention, addiction, treatment, and recovery.

One of the most important actions you can take is to be involved with community conversations about different aspects of the addiction crisis and what we can do about it as individuals, neighbors, communities and a nation. Being involved in meaningful conversations can help people gain a deeper understand, empathy and ideas for what they might do to be a force for good. Facilitated conversations can bring people together and break down walls of mistrust and reduce stigma of substance abuse, recovery and the underlying issues that often lead to addiction. Research is confirming that these types of discussions can be helpful in many different ways.

Actions YOU Can Take

Attend a community discussion about the opioid crisis, substance abuse or recovery.

In many communities, there are discussions that are already happening, but most would be better off with a few more engaged people attending. We’re striving to make it easy to find discussions in your community (even if it is in a rural town) by using MeetUp. Another way to find discussions is to contact your local university or your local public health department. Show up and be prepared to listen, share and take actions after the discussion.

Help organize a community discussion.

There are many ways to set up a community discussion on these important topics. One way is to organize a discussion around one of the episodes of the A&E Network docu-series, Addiction Unplugged. There are episodes focusing on topics like veterans, employing people in recovery, addiction in the LGBTQ community, adventure therapy, and mothers & addiction. Take Action 4 Life is develop discussion guides and checklists for promoting community participation in discussions on these and other topics.

Help find existing community discussions and promote them through the Take Action 4 Life Meetup Groups or social media.

Meetup is an online tool to help facilitate in-person meetings on many different topics. This action is ideal for people who are either skilled at using platforms like or who would like to help promote community discussions on social media or in other ways. This action may start by doing some of the on-line searching and E-mailing to get details that can then be shared so more people can discover and attend discussions or community summits on these important topics.